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The Dark Tower (Metal On Metal Records 2008)

   Death To The False (metal or not !) whose faking their acts being a traitor to your world and dream-scape realm, whom stabbing your back in a battle as a friendly allies and after almost hundred years serving the paid off dues on his throne guarding fighting the killer posers and summoning evil off the king of fear’s hell pit these agents of Power Metal epic and Speed metallic bashers – Skelator comes back from the underground to once again give the planet a good fight as being written through destruction, death, ture metal and glory awaits in Moorcock or San Diego and Seattle area possible; high pitched screaming vocals, shouts of bravery into the worst battles and the compositions of Jason Conde-Houston on lead vocals, guitarist Robbie Houston and Rob Steinway, Patrick Seick on drums and Darin Wall on bass not be patience no more to tell the furious real sotries from the past and presents battlefields to the newer generation like how Manowar did before – for then, Time Of The Sword Rulers compilation album send the messages off the EP and splits or bonuses tracks from the band. Held your sharpening weapons and battle-axes high before your fury enemies running down the hill or facing the endless winter conquering campaign of traditions against the barbarians, mages or even monsters like the hero did passing through their children air and grandchildren by bloodlines and let the metal sign and songs anthem blaring loud like the war drums do via The Coming of Chaos, The Wrath of Odin’s Sons, Heavy Metal Sacrifice, Save The Devil (From His Cage) or You Traveled (Many Miles For a Heavy Metal Show) worth a fucking listening – your true metal-heads warriors.

Hail to the music of distortion and thunders ! 

Time Of The Sword Rulers: