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The Colder Machine (Bandcamp 2017)

   Southern Texas Down-tempo Death-Core to Gothic Metal blistering introductions is these Death Metal heads troops baptizing themselves as The Devil Himself reveals the dark, baddest habitual attitudes on writing hellish lyrics and tales about desctrutible devastation for emotional Screamo-Metalcore bashing breaks as Jayrad (vocals/keyboards), Brandon Garcia (guitars), Randy (guitars) and Brandon Sanchez (drums) putting the cold dangerous distorting missions over the Beeville TX group as angry people forcing the thoughts of relative sicker ideas to expands like growler music disturbance for adultery genre or sinful dwellers of the wilder west area following the marks and words of the eastern light turning blood-bath story by the artworks as the standing figure facing the chaos must be our true savior whose not always came in from heavenly creations. Got their influences taken from the likes for Motionless in White, Slipknot, Black Tongue, Infant Annihilator and Traitors to Carnifex has made the dark eclipse worshipers for releasing theirs on In The Name Of God means blasphemous isn’t a sin correctness by the new testament of metallic unholy bible interpretations that he – the lights shall come saving us all from being enslaved to be free thoughts people in bigger will for love endlessly after the devastating demise of the old basic thoughts must be totally, crushed forever into dust for the opening new age of harder edgy truth on Premonition, Devil’s Eyes (feat. Bryan Long), Fatalism, Weight of The World, Bloodshed Begins (ft. Jamie Hanks), My Ma5k or Godspeed, magnum Opus and Of Love and Lust II; exchanging riff-age and harsh raw vocals divided by great drumming skills even though this aren't enough yet for them to made a Slayer's kin and messengers of The False Messiah should be hanged altogether as the anti-christian rules the cosmic world …

In The Name Of God: