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The Brumbis Hasselhoff (Bandcamp 2015)

   Like Picasso off the artistic West Chester, Pennsylvania crooked musical catch tuned musicians trio of Kris Kardhasian, Kiko and Danny G displaying their out-in-the-field type of fortunate meaningful non-bullshit honesty lyrics and sounds from their Basement Rock or Dad-Rock as independently taping music as releasing an ep covered by the lost dogs not stranded or stray one but some just freeing themselves from the chains that dragging them down for creativity so did the three local rockers here: Chris Terlizzi on bass/vocals, Dan Getty on drums to Kieran Ferris on guitars/vocals thru the D.I.Y methods giving their efforts as Trunkweed as weird but alternatively, melodic by the beats favorable to pick as Missile Aenius to Top Hat Factory and Hope & Stoffer’s One Way Religion buzzing in from the radio off thus jeep mistakenly recognizable as Caddila Ep from Krispy Kareem letting fish kissing fish on their watch !

Cadillac ep: