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The Brazilian (Capitol/EMI Music Canada 2002)

   Hears this debut recording from the three lads of South London and Kent suburbs having their different genre musical liking as the clubbing teens of the professional DJ lives took Acid House dancing culture into the mainstream as spending the time mixing or making records for more money actually realized by Paul Harris, Steve Smith and Ben Harris trading printed Rave arrangements or live band’s music onto mixing desk engineers producing off-the clubs successful sounds as catchy for travelers, party-goers and more Electro-heads loving their efforts through the self-titled album from Dirty Vegas commercially, bringing back thus glamour moments of the seventies and eighties beats under the disco-lights for Deep House/Down-Tempo/Pop Rock and Pop-House into the wider world as everyone can go moving their bodies following the rhythmic beats of melodies on cold drinks and good music from Days Go By, Lost Not Found, Ghosts, I Should Know, All Or Nothing and Simple Things Part 2 which contains the Pink Floyd’s classic number Another Brick in The Wall part 2 even some acoustic version completed their quest on sharing the sound of Electronic music to happy public and club-fans blondes.

Dirty Vegas: