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That’s Her Fate (Estrus Records 1990)

Some of the early open story on the short history of Grunge/Alternative Rock music evolutions started everywhere around Washington State and from Bellingham you got the finest offer for (The) Mono Men that consisting of Aaron Roeder, Dave Crider, John Mortensen or Ledge Morrisette; bringing their semi-catharsis Rock N’ Roll forms of Garage meets Punk meets Post-Hardcore meets Indie Rock by the hands of the unknown fate to slower down or simplifying the sounds from any existence Hair-Metal products from LA to Washington’s local music format on rock which later on establishing that Alternative Rock is born to the world in dirt – soon becoming a star of success.

Not too damn lucky for these boys of Mono Men on releasing their debut record entitled Stop Draggin’ Me Down, the attentions from the media didn’t quite well polishing the band’s lucks compared to their cousins from Aberdeen or Seattle area that has it all covered; Mono Men standing alone and did got the recognition a little bit. 

Listen to Boss, I Don’t Care, Ain’t No Friend of Mine, Dead End to Stay Awake or Reptile tracks which tolerates the unusual type of rocking genre special in delivery for any new Rock revolutionary listeners in smaller communions. 

Stop Draggin' Me Down: