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Tertakarburator (Spleen & Clerch 2018)

   Sounded closer onto thus Classic Thrash Metal meets Black Metal in one disc as the Extreme heavy Metal unit of Spain or Chernobyl as a duet: Javier Fernandez and Christopher B. Wildman and co. decided to end the silent and blasted their melodic solos and cranking beasty beats for Harmpit as the next generation release for their second album after the atomic disaster for the space exploration and migration through Psychowarriors Of Jupiter reaches the higher levels for them who likes to be tortured and head bang on violent metallic sounds can follow the spaceship to this journey of roughness, harsh and pointy of no returns with the tenth songs of total annihilation sects and associated with many sci-fi themes such as Wasped For Luv 2nite, D-beat From Planet Insektia, Spaceborn Barracuda, Die In A Thousand Pains onto The March of The Robocockroaches and Wristbusters – feels like a guillotine sharps splitting your fucking head from the neck or giant asteroid suddenly without calculated reasons hitting the craft and put a giant hole as it wrecked out in the middle of nowhere universe.

It's like Star Trek plan gone really fucking wrong off the course ...

Psychowarriors Of Jupiter: