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Tenggelamkan! (La Munai Records 2018)

   Feel the oldies momentum shown as that calendar having kinds of Fisherman’s Slut related to Surf-Rock hailing sounds by these Jatinangor consistency group of Abyan (vocals, guitars), Rizal (guitars), Kuya (drums) and Gogon (bass) spreading the mysterious fun and ocean’s breeze of summer ends tales to the lyrics and Bandung once again exported this as The Panturas to your stereo system and car-radio; pledging the Goth-Surf and illegal fishing or even sexual behavior that stays in the sea shore and some Dick Dale/The Ventures and local full job on Marine and Fisheries department in such a retro Punkish music performance but easy to make you discoing with the nearest bitches whom needing a good tap. Break the silence and fluttering in parties as many stories to tell leads us listening in such non-pretension but fully ego for boys doing the rock-stuff show for the band’s recording of Mabuk Laut (Seasick) with Fish Bomb, Gurita Kota (city octopus), Pergi Tanpa Pesan (leave without a trace)to Sunshine or Arabian Playboy (ft. Oscar Lolang) may be harmful for girls hitch-hiking with the truckers on the dangerous quiet roads around the busy northern shoreline ended up in losing lifes after the Malayans seminal Dangdut tunes blare as a rape soundtrack. 

Mabuk Laut: