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Teacup Surgery TV (Back Lot Music 2017)

   The intentional story behind the fashionable today for African-american couple or spouse among the whites in America and beyond may sparkling some kind of trouble like the one happens to the scary experience lives of photographer Chris Washington having his white girlfriend Rose Armitage and their plan to visiting Rose’s parents house on the weekend in the countryside for the first time. Dean and Missy the neurosurgeon and hypnotherapist with her brother Jeremy did persuades Chris in a well manner turning awkward and then, getting stranger as it gets as well as thus black workers living there Georgina and Walter whom always seemed to spying on Chris existence with the look of hatred, weird looks and creepy moments. 
   The arrival of more family’s guests and friends the next day really makes Chris felt discomfort especially when he noticing one of the guest, the black guy named Logan whom then attacking him because of the cell-phone flashes on his face realizing that something wasn’t go right there as the old couples, the interracial couple and asian guy all giving admiration for black people physique and figures in good expression. Chris friend the TSA agent already concerning and warns him as well as some others after hearing those strange behaviors from the Armitage family and their surrounding stories as Get Out would be your new paranoid facts that is going to struck you down as you won’t be so lucky as Chris while finding out that Logan isn’t himself but a missing person from the information that gathered about the conspiracy-type theories gone true with several photographs of Rose with her ex-boyfriends whose all black men before Jeremy attacks him and Missy hypnotizing him almost for good. Within Michael Abels composition tracks for the original motion picture scoring instrumental that may haunts the audience alike the traditional meets modern Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga (Main Title), The House, Rod's Bing Search, The Deer, Ice Tea, Walter’s Run, Georgina at The Window or Investigations and Garden Party makes Get Out finale scene where the presentation subjects over transplantation of Rose’s grandfather’s brain onto a blackman’s body as the consciousness of the host controlled sunken somewhere as powerless targeting Chris body being plan for gained by Hudson the blind man. Plugged ears helps Chris from being totally hypnotized as he knocks Jeremy out, impaling Dean as well stabbing Missy before escaping with the car as being attack by Georgina before crashed. Rose stopping him in the middle of the road with Walter but Chris manage to fights them in panic shoot Rose with her own shotgun as well Walter. 
Rod coming in the right time to save his friend from the madness of white folks’ insanity experiments project !