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Tangueray Smoke (TeamSESH 2012)

Sitting to your breaths out and then your soul leaving your skinny body down; let the time measuring that you rotted well and thus left behind elements is only skeleton as being used in reproduction acts over the Hip-Hop recording cover front album by the name for Bones. Self-titled releasing over the songs and bonus track via Los Angeles project off the dead person missing but found here for the record performance rapping the lyrics flow on GoldRope, CokeWhiteCaddy, Alize, Water and WestCoastPlayer bringing the rhythmic bangs for gangs and thugs that owning the smaller alleys or the wrecked house homies selling illegals and snatching white babes asses for breakfast and lunch – coming home or going clubs or just driving round up town looking for enemies to shoot at with AK and semi-automatics. Describing well over the outskirts of local points everywhere there not like your fucking American dreams or Hollywood endings to said nuff as CashedMoneyMillionaires, LightsDown or RolexDiamonds can easily lean you to your terrible death one day. Bones are explicit and needs parental advisory …