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Tall Trees Blue Sky (Geffen Records 1989)

   Pronouncing as Huang Chung which emerges as caught their own fame after the label company suggestion for changing it onto Wang Chung leading their New Wave career starry high as founded by Jack Hues on lead vocals, keyboards, guitars and Nick Feldman on vocals. Keyboards, bass guitar and Darren Costin for the vocals, drums, percussion and keyboards expanding all out as saxophonist David Burnand joining this Pseudonymous natural fast tempos and Pop-Punk influences profiling as singles raises as the totality examples can be taken in high prices from their Electronic mixtures and Pop-Rock to Synth-Pop fully beats and sophomore tuning record deals on The Warmer Side Of Cool that spawning the pretty vibes commercial trending sets for the late eighties era forging to the nineties with vocals harmony and groovy New Wave tricks singing sharing What’s So Bad About Feeling Good ?, Swing, Praying To A New God and Snakedance that makes futile essential community favorites chinese kid and the kangaroo images fits for Games Of Power or Logic and Love promising Big World to living a little bit longer not to using too much fossil fuel and electricity from coals but becoming smarter as the music flavors and themes encouraging us to be wise because we are interior and outdoors popular.

The Warmer Side Of Cool: