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Take ‘Em Out (Mercury/Polygram 1994)

   In the consequence of LAPD busting father’s death relationship; the Hardcore values unit of Social Justice changes their criticism praised and protests towards the authority injustification and then, Downset was born – incorporating their roots of metallic rock within Hip-Hop and Funk Metal fusion led by lead singer Rey Oporeza turning the instant face of Rap-Metal for Los Angeles new looks and sounds completed by Brian Ares Schwager, James Morris to Chris Hamilton as well as Roy Lozano begin to breaking-through the barriers in Heavy Metal scene for their subsidiary releasing on this self-titled record and massive touring with better names in close range genre outbursts for commodity for protesting the central issues on daily lives promoting anger management themed and anti molesting ideas for clever lyrics to fight the racist system down through some listed tracks that spreading powers and unity and tragic stories around their hometown area via Ritual, Prostitutionalized, My American Prayer, Breed The Killer and About To Blast before Holding Hands – make sense for the audiences to filtering the fake news sharing by the bigger media companies to control the stupid mind of non-development people to stay stagnant – threatening by riot alerts and Anger! Vision of destruction. 

Where the red, white and blue stripes blinded the dreams of freedom and democracy ...