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Synthetic Love (Crate Cartel 2013)

   Climate changes or is it just the curses for humanity gone greedy came this strange infection of local influenza turning the landscape and maps of the world with hundreds people getting ill and worst – the weather as well lower by temperatures for FluSeason arrived letting the last healthy ears to listen about the lyrics written to tell others on this issues created in a record by Melbourne Hip-Hop(ers) Flu aka Fluent Form pulls the beats groovy out of the internet to reality as many wearing jackets and thick clothes trying to avoid the coldness below zero appreciates the late regret and crazy climate by warming up along with the following rhythmic sounds provides by Iron Clad, Poison feat. Mata, Must & One Sixth as criminality gets worse or the poverty struck down on everybody goes these Vantage Point as well as Fan Mail to Dose of Slang feat. One Be Lo or Yesterday’s Gone feat. Has-Lo seemed to fit the conditions that you facing right now – living in shelters and subterranean spots; fighting over food and water and where the medicine stories just a fake news consumed by the beats that feels more real to us.