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Swamp Fruit (Not On Label 2015)

   Nice artworks from Olivia Oyamada caught the interests from the audience to trying out these Chicago, IL band-team whose playing unique yet weird scientific themes on their original materials there lying in melodies to slower tempos but raising thus Psychedelic Pop and Heavy Rock for alternative to them whose welcoming weirdness dwelling on their catalogs of choices as performance from Post Animal: Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Joe Keery and Matt Williams writing down the group’s efforts via Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities drawn the images of strange creatures and sequence topping your drug uses once a while upon the new millennium constant current from these talented repeats within Googles, Aral Sea, Alabaster, Eel and A Whale’s Tale (featuring Daniel Pritchard) to Hoverin’ All Night. 

Tuning to thus drum of mid-tempo went slower or the hypnotic rhythms led you onto college of hope behind the staging smoked thin haze surroundings.