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Sun Rider (Divebomb Records 2018)

   Don’t always think that any kinds of bands coming out from the hailing Seattle should be a Grunge modeled band because like this approval to you suckers that Heavy Metal still alive and kicking dangerously over there and for that; Amy Lee Carlson on lead vocals, Jonny Haynes on guitars/backing vocals, Max Nazaryan on guitars, Matthew Vogan on bass and Eric Smith on drums blasting out to their introducing record blasts on NWOTHM or Old School Heavy Metal Speed Thrash sounds right there as Substratum releasing for Stratosphere with the depicted internet shocking news of UFO type in moon or mars or closer to our ISS but the group’s performance formation can easily reminding the audiences about the early imploding rockers through Judas Priest attitude in high tone vocals especially, for any of non-Washington citizen of metallic favorite fans to listening the blisters brought by To Tame The Burning Blade, Cast My Spell, Deadly Will and Lost Shores of eight minutes longer to bashing your head-banging heads and the stereo system shall having the night Sweats fever over this extended play record !