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Stolen Pony (Moniker Records 2018)

   Persistence realism as you go fronting Pop Music without romantic love for the future; domesticated mythology and damage vibes and adrift stolen objects to open space birds and the ocean comforting the warmth of your couch undercurrent as loss and unholy ghost for modern life over the radio of Indie Pop and Alternative knowing here as Gentle Leader XIV conjures the flashing television sparks on windows or eerie beats on New Wave musical as Maria Jenkins to Lisa McDuffie and Jeffrey Tucholski awakening Darkwave and Dream-Pop’s girls band leading roles shooting high the recording - Channels perfect artistic animals praising and the touches of the creator above within pieces interior and evoking emotion or realism nostalgia filtered by ten track-listing for examples: Waterbirds, Chambers of Your Heart, Slo Death, Mariann As a Girl and Two Moon Cry tells us the gloomy tunes and sad stories carried by the cold weather tonight like lost signals played by New Wave and Post-Punk to singing the Goth-Pop harmony …