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Steven Senegal (Independent 2013)

   Using double kicks cause they loving Heavy Metal and these stinky goddammit Parisien Thrash-Hardcore and beer loving formation of Guillaume (drums), Mathieu (vocals), Wladimir on bass and vocals with Jean-Francois and Gregory shredding the guitars will forcing you to shut the fuck up and drink and shovel these bigger disturbance music sounds as fast as the killer asteroid hitting the planet to your face; ripped it off. These Crust and D-Beat team members – FaxE as well as the real underground bands like Grub, Infection and Napalm Death whom also likes to get drunk drinking beer or vodka or bourbon in such crushing ways releasing this proof on how the band kills their victim in hate fills as playing those Crusty-Punk metallic on Maximum Hangover by beheading zombies on stakes displaying the rotten maggot-heads which had the fucking blast soundtrack mutilates the audiences within My Mind (For an Athylic Koala), Stretching Your Anus with a Can Between Friends Doesn’t Make You Gay, The Ballad of Simple Wlad, Drunk Nazis Must Die (More Than Others) or Hungry For More Beer Feat. Lemmy felt like a promise-ing garage destroyer music complete in the making by this infamous lesser known group from France through the growler vocals and head-banging bash of beats  that would go slaying without thinking twice a day about Faction Disaster.

Maximum Hangover: