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Staying Sick (Independent 2014)

   Be not too damn commercial in blending your freaking bloody music and boom! There you have a package of regulated raw Alternative Electro-Punk mixed within Rap-Metal of Whitehaven area or Cumbria, UK processing thus distortions and riffs magic cranking out the parental advisory labeled pack of screamo-emotional lyrics about sucked up days, bitchin’ bitches and surviving the loan-shark bookies over the time when you’re feeling not well – altogether pressing into these sixteen recording of Superxero album-tracks from Nate Monoxide himself as one of those lesser-known local Rap-Rock scene artists brought us the frustrated musical not to be really closer to compare to Kid Rock early years but still – some of the songs sounded promising good like the soften Rn’B Electro kinds off thus positive Rainy Days,Killing Time and Damn That Ocean feeling catchy for European listeners onto STFU, The Backpack did some Modern Rock tunes, My Own God, Keep Me Breathing or What Makes You Special can caught more attentions for knowing the music of this lads not as a Poltergeist but Voodoo Man whom might stays and NeverFade.