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Stars-N-You (C/Z Records 1986)

   Your non arguable compilations for the first ever and best recording that giving the world a good taste of real Alternative or Grunge or Seattle Sounds to be exact as influences many bands inside and out of the places while later the wildfires of burning spirits within simplicity, mixtures of non-sexists harmony or honest lyrics for daily named by the label as V.A Deep Six album having the several local but original groups serving their own free-willing musical blends like thus darker Sabbath-like experiments of The Melvins soaring the tracks of Scared or Blessing The Operation or Green River’s Your Own Best Friends which collectively, sounded closer to how Mudhoney and Pearl Jam got their tinged sounds and even Chris Cornell and his co. of the mighty Soundgarden in first formation with Hiro Yamamoto screaming out aloud through Heretic or Tears To Forget as well as Skin Yard, Malfunkshun, The U-Men or unique rocking touches from the parade of roasted duckling squeaking to pigsty screaming to those distorting riffs and fuzz rocks kicking out the Hair Rock for good – snapping the flag of future city of Rock N’ Roll from LA and With Yo’ Heart (Not Yo’ Hands) tales lyrics straight told the world that the addictive sounds is still in love with drugs too longer than those forty-three minutes and forty-eight seconds.