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Starlight’s Keep (Bandcamp 2013)

   Enlisted the most of New-Age musical talents for the album credits off Lila Lily’s fine heritage on meditative to play gentle or sultry vocals praising the goddess in feminine divine channeling the high conscious as the inner healing as explores the sensual connection uplifting the world music within the lights of lunar magic reflects the water clear of quality as Lindie-Lila wrote and composing the lyrics and melodies through her amazing lead vocals and harmonies for the souls of listeners seeking righteousness and wisdom from the past and beyond mankind’s imaginations heart-beats deeper with helping Amanda Tiffin the all-strings and vocal harmonies arranger; Sade Ross did some sopranos onto Chris Tokalon performing celtic flute, penny whistle, bansuri flute, overtone chants with African udu/mangrove seeds/tambuta/kitchi gbo,/manjeeras/cocoon shaker to bamboo shakers and camel bells or the Bulgarian cellist Kristian Chernev, Russian professor Farida Bacharova performs violin/strings; Peter Nordling for the world guitar maestro on the embellished subconscious soothing recording of magic through Sisters of The Moon just like describing the welcome invitations of elves dining court-hall somewhere inside the hidden valley or the streaming ancient forests performing by this female blonde artists/singer/songwriter and musician from South Africa. Inwards thankfully, you’re going to entered the wonderful, strange realm filled with beautiful tunes and soft sparks fallen down from heaven to the soil as Lady Water sings the low-voiced praises into spreading the Blessings by Goddess Fertility midsummer celebrations; calls upon the wilderness to join the marriage of earth and sky under Lorelei, Gayatri Mantra and May The Circle Be Open by divine thoughts of Aphrodite not to getting too jealous for mainly preserving the land and rivers but never destroying the holy elements for novelty.

All lovers must feel like home arrived in this Wiccan-related worldly musical album. 

Sisters Of The Moon: