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Springtime 02:31 (Bandcamp 2013)

   Hurray for the Seattle, Washington trio comes back for more Pop-Punk and Grunge sounds comparison combined here for the (not really a self-titled) for Denial releasing of seven inches vinyl from Lazy Animals. 

Meet and listen to the clean performance and energetic plays from Lazy Larry (guitars, vocals), Lesli Wood (bass, vocals) and Ben Hooker (drums, rainier) as being recorded immaturely fun by Brandon Fitzsimons and the band together quickly and fast enough but never fails to laughing at the sceneries of daily doomsday preacher, street riots and crying over the fear of atomic explosion as we’re cranking Fallout or even Denial like the album’s title for September season in unlimited through toe-tapping, beers and soaked punkish and salted political sprinkles for our flavor on knowledge about the “seeing no evil” condition around us before judging the world of black and white.

Put on those blinders - just go walk straight !

Denial 7":