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Speed Of A Gun (Infacted Recordings/Metropolis 2012)

   Alfred Gregl, Huw Jones and Torben Schmidt of the Electro/EBM group trio from Germany – Binary Park seemed to build their own amusement sounds of music beats controls by technology, ideas and darkened Kraut-Pop errorism makes right to hear them out of themselves working brought the high-breeding methods and theories snap-shooting for the bigger-bangs for a planet in collision with other universal solid spheres one day unnoticed blasting into one brightest explosion for our time and then, after several seconds – gone into little tiny particles and swallowed by total darkness surrounding it.

   Binary Park’s debut album – Worlds Collide means anything related to reality realms that one fine day you may witnessing or not this event from the front seat, best in the house which probably can adding some of those tracks of Electro-Industrial Pop songs like Silence is Speaking, Cropper, Fight Son!, Human Disease, System Sucks or Welcome Home and Main Reset not really helping humanity to avoid their extinction per se. 

Depeche Mode fans would be so proud to give influences on this Stockstadt’s new project of intriguing elements of vocals, music and machines or compelling mixes of Darkstep deep noisy/glitch and intelligent attention. 

Worlds Collide: