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Sorrow Forsaken (Independent 2015)

   Sanziana Niculae (vocals), Stephan Beres (guitars), Costel Dominteanu (keyboards), Andrei Curaliuc (drums) and Dennis Mustafa (bass) are the Bucharest, Romania short-term living of the melodic Power Metal band – Invictus that unfortunately, didn’t make their way longer enough to coloring the space of Symphonic Metal power realms over the Eastern Europe scene of music genre.
   The self-titled recording studio album that recorded and mixed by their bassist Dennis Mustafa as the music has been written and composed by both Stefan Beres and Costel Dominteanu brings some of the band’s finest momentum and themed tracks about mostly – fantasy, history, mysteries and dominance towards the long traditional and modern day story and ideas taken from the heritage of their experience and creations on talented techniques blaring the standard or edgy music and good sense of Rock in warmth temperatures as they’re blended in between Symphonic, Power and Gothic Metal alliance. The chosen songs that really favorable to be listened by you and the rest of the Heavy Metal audiences would be Conquer, War Horse, Fallen Angel to Black Widow shall flicking the Revolution of Heavy Metal times for your life – at once !