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Sinister Surf (Bandcamp 2018)

   Scuzzy branding of ballsy out the ordinary realm is this Wales’ matching witty gained quick as nagging Grunge-Rock bursting by snarled Punks attitude following momentum in vicious huge distortions as infectious in coexist fury jagged songs written reminding us for the combinations for Future of The Left to Queens of The Stone Age pulling big noises rhythm-sections for Goths to dancing would be a good description to talks about Gravves trio: Adam Hughes, David Thomas and Tom Williams makes the seminal underground airplay for Indie grudge remnants listeners among the rusty raging youth troops wanted to hear something flaming, goodie but not really selling out commercially – finding them points on this band. Oh, The Joy seems to be a good sensation without making too much silly matters for the world to knowing them in thus swagger  tongue-in-cheek blistering tones of rock force of the new via Power Bomb Baby, Monster Truck, This is Bliss, Hello Sailor and L is For Loser. 

Extreme skate rock music now not too extreme enough for you ? Save the day and listening to the six feet upper ground from Gravves’ heart-flutters laughing-stock skeletons … 

Oh, The Joy: