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Singularity (Vendetta Records 2016)

Oakland, California must be vast nourishing for itself to grow various kinds of extremities in Heavy Metal as your purchasing time to click this Black Metal unit whose sounding similar to their counterpart cousins from the other states or even crossing continents as Tyler Schroeder and Mike Jochimsen on guitars; Cody Stein on drums, Jamison Kester on vocals and Justin Ennis on bass releasing the braver sessions on this Atmospheric Black Metal Classic on Dying Light album with the painting of a kaleidoscope virtual insanity events of the collapsing giant black-holes creating a renewal beginner for the universe once after some other dies in total explosions.

Void Omnia would not being one of the best Black Metal unit in the globe but their constructing music sounds as well as darker visions of what’s coming closer must not be ignored as the obligation to the ruler of the world means until you need them for guidance but after that everything must be destroyed as the prophecy said carried under the wings of old demonic creatures living among humans and let the growling songs of story about spirit worlds, the last hope dies and living dead society on Emptied Heartless, Of Time, Fallowed Remembrance and Remanence of a Ghost Haunt goes for over seven minutes to nine more minute counts as the monotone drumming of double pedals will always proclaiming that this is the marching sign of Black Metal through-out the end of the planet’s edges. 

Ad Infinitum isn’t for sale …

Dying Light: