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Silver Gates (Bandcamp 2015)

   Popular college sounds on Punk-Rock/Grunge/Synth-Psychedelic and Chiptune to Post-Rock combinations from three musicians doing what they’re spontaneously, do or did in music making means a lot for Jesse Avila (bass, vocals, 8-bit programming), Tiaday Ball (guitars, vocals) and Danny Servo (drums) claiming that Paladin Shield is ancient music relic and has been existed since the beginning of the first time after creations; infusing manifestation of waves of melodies, fuzz-growling rhythms and thunderous percussion yet the haunting vocals blending for elements of three in plural mixes of their hometown Los Angeles.

   Funny, progressive, incomplete measurement onto better lyrics honesty to bare spends there while you see those emblems and logos and listening to that self-titled tuning album (recorded by Jesse Avila and mastered by Gio Murilo) for your invisible armory with a cause. 

Most of them: Misty Mystic and Goblin City are fudging dangerous, pals … Don’t ever forget to wear your armor and shield ! 

Paladin Shield: