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Silikon Cokane (Metropolis 2014)

Intense and forged within their own mutual cannibalism beats over the mutilation-tension torturing ears for thus non-loving Industrial Rock sounds are has been officially, connected to this spin-off of Revolting Cocks style amusement as collaborator and composer and Ministry lead vocalist Christopher J. Connelly steering the wheel on Cocksure with the help from darker minds friend – Jason C. Novak (Acumen Nation) displaying Rock Electronic of Industrial music project there under the title of TVMALSV driving the commercialism addicts on the television, seminal Hip-Hop burst-hardcore and moisture sexy legs attracting man to do sinful things is a usual things to meet for this new millennium and beyond. 

As the tubes controlling your entire daily living as nobody really understood to notice in methodically order – Cocksure gives us the beats for supporting the degradation of human civilized moments at the high stakes to falling down easily as those reversed adds messages will telling you the different ways or hidden agenda might brain-washing evolving monkeys into developed humanoid then turning again into slaves for the higher order which having another masters unknown as the circle of consumerism caught everything in the middle and the wheels for keep turning and turns and … 

PS. The proves can be found in Alpha Male Bling (Shower Me!), Ah Don’t Eat Meat Bitch!, TKO Mindfuck (featuring Richard 23), Drug-A-Bug and Cock Ripped To The Giddy Tits for your news rule.