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The Core May (RSO 1977)


   Loose your affection and let the addictive adrenaline flows while listening for this English composer/singer/song-writer and guitarist whose legacy came with his expanding career in Rock Music especially, Blues Rock and Pop sounds. The Ripley, Surrey - UK born talents by the name everyone knows as Eric (Patrick) Clapton used to stated his beginning musical with the legendary band trio Cream but after years and more troublesome of high and hard addictions he decided to go soloist and there you have in wait to hear from the more cleaner Eric Clapton within this recording results of Slowhand; besides receiving some honoring orders of merits from music media to royal family such as British Empire and Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame as Classic Blues Rock and Country-Pop like veins of blood littered there to amuse your ears for the skills and romance themed among other stories.
   Listing Cocaine, Wonderful Tonight, Lay Down Sally, Next Time You See Her or We're All The Way means one thing only ... This is the best parts of his life shown to spreading the intimate shares for further music compositions creates by Mr. Clapton to general audience of Rock world and popular culture as well.