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Sidartha Money (Independent 2017)

   New Day Rising Hardcore or used to be called N.D.R Hardcore is the unique seminal-extreme crew performing the Cross-Over sounds between Hip-Metal, Rap-Core and Modern Alternative Punk bashing free with the member formations of Rasta, Caique (also the manager), Felipe and Pedro doing their repulsive crack of sounds stunt to the stage diving fellows or mosh-pit addicts locally over their performance within dignity and total destruction mixtures of shouts, head-banging style and power-raging lyrics to riffs ended up with technique skills or solos as Biohazard or Madball or old Beasties well fucking did. O Homem Comum (The Common Man) seeing all those free-falling people make their decision to let things go on hope no more but hotter tracks like Eudaimonia, Comece Por Voce or Sobre Deuses Herois Politicos e Comecar Por Voce did screaming the fast kicks and positive thoughts for you to rethinking before doing something stupid in the world fully hatred and vulnerable. One needs to listening to the advises from everywhere – even the toughest and hardest disruption like these Rio De Janeiro punchers !

O Homem Comum: