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Shelf Rebalance (Columbia Pictures 2011)

   World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles or internationally, known as Battle: Los Angeles isn’t truly a modern day science fiction movie that military wants to hide the truth behind the real story about but for this one directed by Jonathan Liebesman sets the role-play by Aaron Eckhart whose already a retired marine staff sergeant must going to fulfill his call of duty again leading the US Marines platoon facing the sudden threats on global alien invasion which striking the coast of Los Angeles. The meteors that hits coastal area in major cities resulting the same strong movements from the unknown troops of extra-terrestrial from outer space slaughtering and devastating humanity and their civilizations including the buildings, economy, safety and more demolished aspects as suffering casualties in multiple attacks from the ground and sky by the alien frightened armies devastating Los Angeles fought back by brave young marines points by points as staff sergeant Michael Nantz must bring his 2nd battalion 5th marines to regroups as they’re having mission on recon or saving anyone whose still alive or sheltering somewhere in the middle of this chaotic smoking fiasco demise blocks after blocks but successfully, finding civilians like veterinarian Michele, Hector Rincon, Kristen, Amy and Hector’s father Joe and intelligence tech sergeant Elena Santos inside the police station. 
Helicopter rescue teams arrived to take the survivors and the wounded soldiers before being blast out of the sky by some alien spaceships leaving the rest to abandon the shelter house after killing some aliens and vivisect one to reveals their weak spot. 
Abandoned town bus evacuation turning worse as UFO drones and aircraft tracking down victims through radio transmission and on their way out the marines group facing the troops send by alien central command center somewhere to wiping them out but heavy fighting and explosions killed some marines including the national guards in order to eradicate humans and colonizing the planet but the brave marines stopping them for a while on 1-10 freeway battle. 
   Brian Tyler’s original soundtrack composition written orchestral tracks on instrumental music scoring means a lot connection for thus epic moments and actions lead by the marine braves against any threats from abroad, domestic and outer space that you can counting on through Arrival, For Home Country and Family, Redemption, War Hymn, To Hell and Back, Mobilized and Evac or Casualty of War as Staff Sergeant Nantz later commanding his battalion as well comforting Hector when his father died in their arms sacrificing himself to help them escapes; reaching the next extraction point by helicopter as Nantz theorized about hovering occupied locations relays by the radio energy to retracing the drone’s signals that may leads them to find the alien commanding center and disable them. 
The underground search and missile requests directs using laser designated and defenders shoot-outs breaks with the alien troops on daylight before success destroyed of command module makes alien ground force retreats as uncontrolled drones, spaceships crashed to earth. With the rest tired and wounded but still fully spirits to fight with the other battalions deeper inside Battle: Los Angeles solemnly swear by the remaining marines Imlay, Lockett, Harris and Adukwu from their temporary Mojave desert base with staff sergeant Nantz to be re-assembled before joining other marines on retaking the city in the biggest military operation in human history – with the hope of winning for there’s be tomorrow for us …