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Shattered Illusions (Spinnup 2017)

   Quartet of foursome metallic heads from Guayaquil, Ecuador presenting their storming Heavy Metal speeding force as Black Sun formation comprising for Chemel Neme on vocals, Christopher Gruenberg on guitars, Nicolas Estrada on drums and Santiago Salem on bass guitar unleashing their high tempos and techniques of professionals – sending those soloists extreme on electric guitars or high tuned male vocals like waves giving the public their latest full-length recording so far via The Puppeteer as the old man maker creates the images like santa claus given the soulful living to the possessed doll in order to make your family delivers the evil things and troublesome this weekend as ritual sprouts under the ten songs written here as Mind Control, Let Me Be, Wasted Love, We Are One, Vain and Take The Ride won’t damaging the self-esteem of a man but his beloved one shall suffering by the cursing doll sent from the hidden sacred lair of the master of living evil puppets. 

The Puppeteer: