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Seppuku Crisis (Head Records/Throatruiner 2016)

   Hardcore Doom metallic to Post-Hardcore as well as Sludge Metal and presented off Montpellier, France is these naming themselves a band that never forgets the battle for glory and loss and destructible moments – all happened in Verdun. Collectively, consisting for Paulo Rui (vocals), Mathieu Croux and Jay Pinelli (guitars), Florian Celdran (bass guitar) and Geraud Jonquet (drums) always wanted the world to remembering thus inhumanity war at the most lower judgment for mankind history over the first world war merging the groovy breaks, vocals toward incatatory, delay fogging and Psychedelic slower down Hardcore Sludge dooming the reputation of the group as strong and crushing by extension like the examples taken here from the killer masked warrior of the past meeting the future hatred themes commencing through The Eternal Drift’s Canticles off the Verdun’s catalogs. In between thus ten minutes and ten seconds growler into Glowing Shadows, Self Inflicted Mutalitation for nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds wrath or the closing ends towards Jupiter’s Coven in twelve minutes and twenty seconds really darkened the aspects being displayed along the artwork by David Sadok telling us about assassination for the fittest.

The Eternal Drift's Canticles: