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Schmooze-A (Disney/Intrada 2013)

   Sam Raimi directed the surprising adventure fantasy filming pick of the classics story of Oz The Great and Powerful based on the L. Frank Baum novels setting for the beginning prequel for Kansas amateur magician Oscar Diggs the con artist and the traveling circus flown the boring lives indicates by less spectators, quarreling circus members and the escaping Oscar from his angry fellow mates on the air-balloon before the giant tornado sucking the poor man out vanished. Inside the wind tunnel Oscar seeing magical things like the mighty destruction winds, sharp objects attacking his balloon onto the stop-motion moment before sending him down to the strangest landscape which he never ever seen before within highest mountains; colorful flowers, awesome waterfalls and cloud-herders onto the fresh crystal shallow water where he fells in and meet the cute na├»ve Theodora whose seeing him as the prophecy comes true about King Oz destroying the wicked witch as smiling and letting Theodora fell in love to him as the encountering flying monkey Finley whose pledges loyal to Oz The Great and Powerful for saving lives. 
   Entering the infamous Emerald city to meet Theodora’s older sister the beautiful Evanora telling the resides wicked witch dwells the dark forest can be destroyed by broken her wand sending Oz accompanied by Finley, the china doll girl whom being saved from her ruined ceramic house being attacked by flying baboons continued their adventure until they finally, met that the evil witch story was untrue as Glinda the good witch identifies herself as late king’s daughter whose being poisoning by Evanora the evil one; watching the reality through her crystal ball deceiving Theodora about being cheated by Oz over Glinda and let her consumes the green poison apple turning her sister onto an ugly green-skinned hideous witch on broomstick. Ideas to helping the threats from the evil witches and their armies makes Oz must thinking harder as his big mouth causing troubles the first place proclaiming him as the greatest magician of all and using the exploits on Thomas Edison, science, little kinds of magic and smart moves wisely enough to conceives the plan on thus fake attack on Emerald city within good preparations by Glinda and her communities. 
Sleeping gas and scarecrow soldiers gave Oz the winning over thus flying apes but as Glinda captured; Oz must sneaking in to the city and save her as science and faith and love once again beats down the fireballs with fireworks; giant reflections on thick smokes and sound-effects fooling the witches as Theodora flees away while Evanora lost her magic duel against Glinda and turning old-hag banished with revenge vows leaving the city. As Oz The Great and Powerful soundtrack being composed by Danny Elfman composing stage and screen instrumental orchestra for A Serious Talk, Fireside Dance, China Town, A Con Job, The Munchkin’s Welcome Song, Bad Witch, The Bubble Voyage, Meeting The Troops, Theodora’s Entrance/A Puppet Waltz, Destruction, Call To Arms and Time For Gifts showing everyone granted for helping Oz and some meet new friends becoming families and a kiss.