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Scalpel Word (Mythology Entertainment 2018)

   Flickers images and stories transforming into bigger urban legends as being first introduced by the creepy pasta site of horror tales and supernatural news which spawning the infamous character of a tall, skinny, long nails and scary dark entity from the woods made not just hundred memes but for now finally, filming and haunts the area of Ayer, Massachusetts’ small town as Slender Man the supernatural horror film unleashed. The reception for negative critics and larger non-acceptance audience may not stopping the creature on haunting the jump-scare story of Kathy disappearance within warning mythology for Hallie and Chloe and Wren like when you didn’t closing eyes for the case of encountering Slender Man might caused one madness or death as the develops timeline of investigation that the summoning of the dark beings and panics aftermath were caused by the occult involvement as well as Hallie’s younger sister Lizzie also did something to summon the creature led her into panic attack to be sedated and send out to the hospital.
   Will the realizing end for Hallie frightened visions and Wren sufferings dare to save Lizzie by giving herself to Slender Man or the death tales shall continues on and on since the situation reflects and recovers should not helping to stop the darkness spirits entering our lives. The film soundtrack composed by the duet of Ramin Jawadi and Brandon Campbell writing these arrangements that totally can haunts you in sending the force under the suspense, thrills and creepy slower Electro-Scoring musical with non-vocals such on Date Night, Account Terminated, I Can Still See Him, Through The Gate over Library, Can You See Him ? and He Has No Face – all reacts to describing the horror for facing the creature alone at the starless outdoors moment. 

Slender Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):