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Satan II (Independent 2017)

   As you fanatic for being fans for Stoner Metal as chilling haunted blood-gutted crushing riff-age guitars-metallic music over this first debut out off these Minas Grais crew calling themselves The Evil fronted by the sensual female lead vocalist Miss Aileen to Iosseif the guitarist, Saenger on drums and Theophylactus for bass guitars giving their ultimate Sabbath meets Candlemass Doom Metal crossing blends writing the seventh listed tracks of your infamous recording of the same self-titled are forcing the screaming of terror-tinged comes spreading into the air tonight as the cursing laughs and spells off Voices From The Deep (Intro), About None Guilty, Screams as well Sacrifice to The Evil One and The Ancients – truly put on some bass-line grooves, some techniques on drumming not just only blasts and of course, the amazing high priestess vocals fronting lady and real metallic tune-age six-strings as you sees those triangle proudly shown to the world that the master’s coming back reclaiming his world these days sending all souls into the abyss hole ! 

The Evil: