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Sapir-Whorf (Paramount Pictures 2016)

   And those extra-terrestrial spacecraft looked like a tall mis-shaped of dark cigar appears as scattered suddenly to the locations of twelve across our planet and raising panic and furor among all earth countries and governments with US Army force led coalition headquarters trying to observe the assessment of reasons why they’re coming, search for answers into kinds of complex questions and assembling small teams of researchers to begin the operation of contact making in a very careful ways as planned using linguistic experts and physicist recruits on board – Ian and Louise Donnelly building camps for that purpose near Montana area next to the giant alien spaceship in its motionless spot where they’re finally can make some kind of contacts with the inhabitant hosts of seven-limbs hepta-pods floating creatures showing them lots of complicated circular symbols as other countries trying to do the same thing but fails because of the wrong methods by mentioning about weapons. 
   The ability from the two couple realizing the task is important to open communication and forbid the galaxy war if can really interpreted well on this sci-fi drama movie Arrival directed by Denis Villeneuve shows how prepare we can dealing with such this phenomenal possible events as the threats felt like raising up as the alien leaving the teams on paused communicating sessions makes most of the country leaders pulls back the persuasive ways and preparing for the worst by getting ready to bombing the spacecrafts in twenty four hours ultimatum but learning that some of the messages send by them needs more evaluation makes Louise eager on daring last chance for their talk-session that finally reveals and teaching her about the meaning facts for the alien to helping mankind by offering gift through their language and knowledge to change humanity concept of linear perception of time on seeing the both past and future so we all can develop in advance very soon by doing the good things and preserves. 
   As matter went clearly and the conflicts heating down with the conclusion stories sending Louise to talk for the worldwide international forums on UN the original motion picture soundtrack compositions from Johann Johannsson sets the complex theories and images inside our minds thru these orchestral of leading variety of horns sections where tracks like Hydraulic Lift, Transmutation At a Distance, Around The Clock News, Xenolinguistic, First Encounter, Principle of Least Time or Decyphering and Non-Zero-Sum Game might fixing the terrible views of most human towards the existence of other universal beings come in peace; As Escalation rises and the looks of them or the mis-communication meaning though language can be mis-interpreted by some as threat surely, give us an excitement of goosebumps seeing this finally happening in real life. Sometimes the future reality isn’t always kind to you as you had reveals them for yourself and that’s happening to Louise as well.