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Samurai 06:25 (Scream Records 2014)

   “In Steel We Trust” means awesomely, Heavy Metal for the Innsbruck, Tyrol underground scenery on hardest pounding music that rocks the streets and the hearts of real Austrian metal-heads for hailing Liquid Steel as one of the newer new millennium heroes local troops bringing their fresher tunes like the flexible Metallica superior meets Modern Nu-Metal package and intensify crude popular music to head-banging while you inside the club-pub and bars or towards national stadium level venues – the high-pitched vocals, the technical skillful performance to the materials that turns out to be perfect for the youngster five-piece rockers: Dominik (bass), Martin (drums), Ferdl and Julle on guitars to Fabio on lead vocals ramming slams to their themed album tracks which soundtrack-ing the realm future battles between military black helicopter squads fighting the invaders from outer space in flying saucers; as cities destroyed and civilizations scattered by the collapsing earth conditions which requiring thus decoding as well as hardest playing of metallic music to helps saving what’s left behind or joining the invasions – as you can choose through Scream in The Night, Riding High, A21375, Oceans, Speed Demon, King Of Avalon as well as fitting the chosen title for the recording in Fire In The Sky.

One won’t regret this taking the next levels on flaming the favorable pick for Liquid Steel’s power metallic show-off. 

Fire In The Sky: