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Salt Sowing Blood (Xtreem Music 2016)

   Remembering those old ancient wars and conflicts between the mighty roman emoire and the north Africanus greek kingdom over the middle sea and the rest of the territory, countless battles and casualties and for that ode and repetition in Death Metal melodic explosions; Ade – the extreme heavy metal band from Rome re-making the situation as tales for the audience and gentiles written in English and Latin lyrics mainly focusing on the forge campaign and heaten up inspiring customs of their heritage under the god of war ares consolidation activated through the forms of the members: Traianvs on vocals, Commodvs the drummer, Nero and Fabio on double slaying guitars as well as Galicvla on bass blasting their amounts of heavier pasture over this newest releasing from Ade (the band) – Carthago Delenda Est meaning Carthage must be destroyed.

   The forty-eight minutes and one second throes of politics, economy and greed motives back to back comes to shaping the critical moments sundowning atmosphere for the two super-powers to meet in the final battles as Annibalem related to the mighty greek general Hannibal and his elephant armies, With Tooth and Nail, Mare Nostrum, Zama: Where Tusks are Buried lies the victory over defeated in shame stories being re-told and Excidium with the downfall Dark Days Of Rome or the legions army loss-burnt but the victorious winning in the end of it tragically.

Carthago Delenda Est: