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Sakhalin Hi (Bandcamp 2017)

   Solid through the formations for Gleb K (guitars, vocals), Igor P (guitar, synth), Natalie F (synth, vocals), Oleg S (bass, vocals) and Roman M (drums) tells the audiences not to fall asleep if they’re afraid of nightmares must be a silly thoughts to shared but if one seeing how various the musical performing been blended there by the group of Bandersnatch from Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Fuzz Noise to Garage Rock as well as Post-Hardcore and Stoner as these four guys and one girl band from Moscow releasing this self-titled recording onto the making turns as full circle over the ritualistic rocking tunes and thrilling themes written as arranged within the nine tracks listed inside. Monster blind destroying the secret entrance down the mountain where we all hide and as rats creatures; we need to run away again from that immediate danger just as Neverending Nightmare, Dumb, Pants of Doom or Dreamsphere as well as Swallow in Your Mind (feat. Summer Coma) or No Love (by Death Grips) demolishing the living room of your parents house because you and your friends just had enough high tripping over too much smoking of the marijuana and drinking while cranking this Bandersnatch record in a punchy volume that breaks the silence as the sharpening teeth of gigantic hungry prehistoric being could just feasting on your friends bodies first while the echoed vocals continues to sing.