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Ruthless Skin (Metal Blade Records 2018)

   Slashing from top to bottom as your head crushed and your leg will be spreading for beginning parts cranking the latest works from these Siegen – Germany troops whom used to play Thrash Metal but added some more extremities in grooves crossing the anti-government and anti-society banging blasts for metallic beats in your fucking face standing tall since the early eighty six but gone vacuum before decided to comeback as frightening Frank Thoms of rhythm guitar/vocals, Olli Fechner on drums, Frank Kimple on bass and Dennis Rybakowski on lead guitar over their high techniques that easily reminding you for Slayer mixtures with Pantera and serving more devastations for the Heavy Metal world on releasing The Mastery; a full length album today that’s going to storming you like dry twigs with old and new era of predatory tracks mayhem such as Mission: Missile, Solace in Sorrow, Catacombs, Mourning to Time For Silence and Into The Black. Need no more explanations that the record is definitely dangerous !

The Mastery: