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Rockaceous Lumination (Self-Released 2017)

   San Rafael, California been engineered by Kenny Evans and Kenny Stavropoulos fully charging your stereo over this Jazz groovy and Progressive Post-Rock Funk styles recording sessions of Jerry Garcia’s organist Howard Wales not for a single purpose but creative making beauties enjoyable souls for music as the soundtrack for life provides by Faces as amusing to catch on both music and artwork cover as well the tons of additional musicians bringing back the melodious tuning which used to be arranged by the legendary bands of the seventies like The Grateful Dead there for the album; bassist Steve Evans, Tom Donlinger on drums, Garth Weber (guitars), Phil “Levi” Wood on trumpets flugelhorn or tenor sax by Carl Green, Ed Early on trombone as well as percussionist Otto and Chris Cain on guitars ensemble their Californian Psychedelic roots groovy heritage motions through the ten tracks fully arranged in well-being almost the best yet from Howard Wales works here like you also loving them by choices over Brain Trust fully jamming, Lift Off as the opening tunes, Stepping Out to Aqua Breeze and The Truth of Blues A’la Carte through Keeping It Tight must be a package you don’t want to miss after quitting LSD for definite times.

Reflecting the olden days with our legendary American keyboard player Howard Wales and his sophomore friends making project in this album.