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Robotic’s Us (Self-Released 2012)

   For Meng doing his treble guitars on e-bow noisy sounds, Eza did the middle guitar harmony sounds; Harry Koi (drums) or Didi (bass) profiling their works as oneself or Ranray makes thus low guitar experimented bells off the new Bandung acts of Instrumental Post-Rock group naming themselves within the harmonic arrangements and thus influences taken from Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Explosions in The Sky or Mogwai creates the unique sounds melts from Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun union as several changes goes in and out; reflecting those themed mindset off the board walks in as music sounds suits in daily living terms about happiness, grateful, desperation, sadness onto anger and environmental arrangements resulting of five tracks inside the Painting Of Life album experimentation - releasing Golden Day (Finally Found), Circus Travelling Show and Breath Symphony did an excellent jobs to coloring your imagination ears and brain cells listening them.

Painting Of Life: