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Road Machine (Mordam Records 1986)

Heating up heathen sounds for Hardcore-Punk music blast and little bit jazzy Heavy Metal from these leather jacket rock-heads named Rhythm Pigs forming in El Paso but moved on to San Francisco later as the melodic raw semi-horror team consisted for Ed Ivey, Jay Smith, Terry LaVey and other names of its ex-members giving you their original old-school debut self-titled recording that also consisting for the cross-over primitive and private shouts about learning the blended of more different style of music there with indie Rock and Jazz captured to hear by the audience via head-banging hog squad of rocks on Human Drama, Dr. Harley, Break or We’ll Break Your Face and Searching For Yourself to Taxi Cab as well as the wiser Conscience Song for the Electric World of new listeners living in chaos after the midst of the eighties – kinds of reminding you about the heavier metallic edges of The Misfits …