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Ritual Altered Cleansing (Rockstar Games 2009)

   From hasty lower level to the more violent one and thus gory executions appearance gameplay mechanic as stealth personality perspective of a mental patient Daniel Lamb went escape to reveals his true own identity from amnesia suffering discovers a guidance from sociopath assassin – Leo Kasper as controversy problems following the game releases which gets negative attentions from Leicester MP, anti-videogaming activist Jack Thompson and many US senators for thus violence and twisted storylines even though also nominated for game of the year to top twenty-five goriest games of all time means necessarily, completed how Manhunt 2 that was designed by Charlie Bewsher, artist Leigh Malpas to the team of writers such as John Zurhellen and Christian Cantamessa as the following series of the previous game platforms on PS2 or portable and Manhunt 2 continues to un-plotted the Pickman Project goals creating perfect assassins by using brain implant contains the skills or personality of a trained killer ideal for remotely triggered to successfully doing the job well done without afraid of hence on interrogation as being captured or two personalities existing in one mind and threat of fund-raising from the governments theories and commands on secrecy made this offensive gaming further familiar closer to dissociative identity disorder and researcher Dr. Whyte and Daniel pasts all blending complex as one when the implant had malfunction over Leo as he rampaging the city by killing many police officers and project members as Craig Conner composing the thrilling horrific terrors via the soundtrack of seminal Industrial Electronic and Classic-scoring sounds for the game soundtrack collectively – marches in suspense via Awakening (Red), Ghosts (Yellow), Domestic Disturbance (Yellow), Sexual Deviants (Club Music 1) onto Most Wanted (Yellow) or more  as one can see the experimental eye results there showing so terrifying and since the erasing mind off Daniel/Leo for entering a deep hypnotic state gives the person an asserted control for starting a brand new life as the the deserted road leads David Joiner to his provided home address at 526 Hope Street on Apartment B or you might choose a different alternate endings over the visceral and casual sadistic sci-fi tales …