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Revolution Nothing (Not On Label 2016)

   Shock-rocking under the control beats of Cody Perez as the vocalist and main-framing master on this making of very extreme exceeded force gone within a Death Grind or Nu-Metal multiplications among the brainchild ideas and project for humanity destruction themed sounds with secondary vocalist Pete “Filth” Perez and Brick behind the drum-sets; culminating the majority of anti-social non-pretending active heaviest metallic Industrial-Electro threads to this fueled overpopulation world from Amerakin Overdose coining every single greed to power of the realm onto social media landscape which tells stories about our civilized degradation over decades and centuries still going on and worsen. Growing not only for merchandising emotive nuances aggressions and hard-hitting unleashed of harsh melodic keyboards and harmony vocals but modern pop tuning grows with these Portland, Oregon womb-nucleus of disaster flaring contagion through the government and social values shown very fuckin’ much alive and nude in female form after the murderous and hot sex activity then counting the prices for The Great Amerakin Dream pounding your freaking ears like the hardcore interracial sex scene fills you with un-tolerable lust and envy are Face Down Ass Up, Cyber Superstar, Medicate, Love Like Ecstasy to Sober Eyes and C.U.N.T portraying the vast addictions for internet realm leaving your body behind on the old world entering heaven fakes in order to satisfying yourself on this near perfect destruction disc. 

The Great Amerakin Dream: