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Revolution Aunt (Queen Bee/Atlantic 2000)

   Blondie black bitch with the dangerous Gangsta-Rap lyrical poisonous acid tongue and attitude-behaviors and explicit sexual lyrics has been launch back to the US filthy media to be criticized but never going back even one steps as this American female Rapper as well as song-writer, producer and actress Kimberly Denise Jones or for many low-lives thugs and gang-bangers would calling her easily as Lil’ Kim. One of the worst female singers above most of thus lame-ducks and multiple plastic surgery faking cunts whose standing stronger and comes to knocking you out through her total avenging music onto The Notorious K.I.M as Hardcore Hip-Hop reigns the underground charts of dick-lickers and pussy pounder everywhere as porn-sex should always be the best attractions that makes this world go around and rhyming fucking lyrics story for nothing but the black things particularly, essential here to be heard by public while Hip-Hop slowly, rules the streets and your kids daily choices make way for your front door kicked and your husband gagged on the corner while the house-wives and cougars having pleasures in fuck-orgy actions with black-studs as cameras rolling and the background songs like Suck My D**k, Who’s Number One?, No Matter What They Say, She Don’t Love You, Don’t Mess With Me, Off The Wall and Custom Made (Give It To You) featuring as well the rapping gangs and the RnB mobs stars like Redman, Mario “Yellowman” Winans, Ceelo Green and Junior Mafia to Puff Daddy and Mary J. Blige giving no shits to make good vibrations and sexual atmosphere in between moans, sweats and more teasing angst energy of explicit exquisite.