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Retrouvailles 1068 (Culture Publishers 2000)

   An adaptation off the same novel on this dystopian thriller movie by Koushun Takami then directed by Kinji Fukasaku on Battle Royale(Batoru Rowaiaru) as the banned decision made by the local government following recession passes the controlling of disobedience youth generation by beginning BR AcT for every year annual events sending most of the students or young people in large groups to annihilating each other by secret agenda just like class 3-B goes for a field trip before gassed and taken to a remote island where they’re being told to surviving the three days fight to death game and daily danger zones provides rations, water, maps and random weapons for each and every players at the beginning. 
This self-regulation breakthrough for Japanese film industry receiving bad critics that harmed teenagers for over one hundred thirteen minutes as warning and advises not to trusting your friends even the closest ones as Battle Royale shows thus variant of gory killings, cold-blooded murders onto betraying and treachery for easy way on stabbing or cut or shoot people in close range in order to survived or being blown out with their neck bracelet bombs on active. 
   Make no mistakes as some of the main characters like Shuya Nanahara, Noriko Nakagawa to the psychotic girl Mitsuko Souma and mad volunteer assassin Kazuo Kiriyama or basketballer Shinji Mimura as well as transfer student Shogo Kawada among many of the students one by one and more died and kill each-other for the crazy gaming sponsored by the authority led by their own teacher. Disrupting avenges and actions from the casts as well blood-bath everywhere to the poisoning food tricks with total Japanese dialogues for harsh language and cursing. Album soundtrack for Classical scoring by Masamichi Amano with The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra gives us the terror atmosphere yet romantic through New Century Education Reform Law, Memory of The Orphanage, Radetzky March Op. 228 (Johan Strauss I) to Requiem Dies Irae – Guiseppe Verdi (conducted by Masamichi Amano) shared the confessions, real story and background tales all blended onto one after the climax as lighthouse awakens, bandages females, shoot-outs and hacked system finally, saving the survivors to runaway for good. Kawada (later dies for his injuries), Shuya and Noriko leaving with a boat and being fugitives directed to Shibuya station arming themselves and never turning back …