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Resiliencia (Not On Label 2016)

   One have been in waiting for any kinds of communication voices coems out the radio but nothing seems to living organically out there while you travelling on the wave sounds off Donde Las Nubes Vienen A Morir for about almost eleven minutes; performance by Bhutan (not exactly, from the real country near the Himalayas remote area) but an Argetinian of Buenos Aires crew consisting on Andres Gargiulo, Francisco Badano and Martin Tarifeno producing this digital record of their implementation acknowledge for the stages or studios over Vixations that packing all the stuff being used and just piling them down with the rest unimportant things to be photographed and put into the front cover as you can see how not easy for describing the music that the band plays if you didn’t try to listening to those five tracks of Ambient Doom experimental D.I.Y and Drone to Post-Rock arranged by the band themselves without any vocals added only sound plus noises which carefully, turns things to creepier or eerie that nobody spoke a word while having this crawling out the main room to the outdoors – where there’s no answer back for your s.o.s signals after Reminiscencia and the final full album no cuts.