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Residual Dust (Cosmicleaf Records 2018)

   Returning Psy-bient sounds of the full-force genre comeback as Future-garage foray sceneries taken in by exotic travels of musical and inner fantastic imaginations for the latest soundscapes on the restless creativity of emotions and Chill delightful harmonies relaxing or easy-listening over Trance/Trip-Hop and Psychill mixture from this passionate open minds programming skills of Sergey Severin’s Eguana make sure that Stardust would becoming your good choice to pick album that sensing many feelings and themes to blending and share to everyone to enjoy as well to learn about Carbon Monoxide, Turkish Sky, Music of Humility onto Matte Pleasure and Megapolis Sounds with the reptile eye watching over the advance realm of the new world after the old one’s collide several decades ago.

The cause is well-known and hopefully, we won’t repeat that silliness again, humans ...