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Redundant Buzz (Prince George Records 2017)

   When sometimes you dreaming in something beautiful, peaceful and entertainment as high expectation believes to be real – than, this moment probably should be reconsidered as one as the materials being awesomely produced, written and performed by the trio group of Furniteur which formatted for Brittany Sims as vocalist/synthesizers, Mike Toohey for romantic-synth and guitars with Kevin Bayly on synths/guitar/programming did the goodness on tracks after tracks like the reminder sounds about The Human League for their early days performance definitely brings occasion intrigue noises with plenty tons of saccharine can’t believe to be true as incredibly underrated to hear for ages.

The Washington D.C Indie-Pop tunes shall opens the sparkling veils out of your napkin or old napster apps too old for this New Wave meets Dream-Pop ensemble like Brat, Fault, Swimming, All Of The Punks, Unforgettable and Mysteries packaging Perfect Lavender as favorites top productions for the lasted wonderful years. 

Perfect Lavender: