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Redemption (Self-Released 2018)

   Medieval beliefs, atmospheric musical and traditional heritage passes through generations of the imbalance of good and evil; gods versus the demons and knights battling the darkness force for Communion did generously, terrorizing by the mainly cool plays over cult-synthesizers based of this UK’s Rave-Wave/Retro-Wave and Dubstep horrific tension acts by the creative psychotic mind off Ian Mullinger did his performance on synths, beats, guitars and vocals for the love of Goblin, Carpenter Brut, GosT, Pertubator, Kavinsky or Giorgio Moroder serving the celebration of total Techno-Disco and terrorizing sounds in this mastered records release by Volkor X within nine songs in a such evolution fast-paced and brutal beaters that would stopping you from being not afraid going to the toilet in the middle of the night would be blamed for this – Communion album recorded by Electric Dragon project giving birth to the anti-christ like infant from a deranged mutation female mother whose just copulating with the creature gods from the abyss deep around hell-bent; spawning some evil demonic and horrific tunes such as Defilement, Lurker, Carrion, Crystal Cavern, Burial Ground and Shadow or Fire as sonorous drones or smattering sampler voices of mages and epic battles appropriate to causing trouble over the modern society as the unleashed spells.