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Rechazados (Ruido Audiovisuales 2015)

   Valladolid or Valladolor Punk-Hardcore fast tenure group that calling themselves as Papada De Pus and you might not wanted to know further about them but liking how the cranking motives like being borrows the essential tempos and arrangements from NOFX but giving them all the band’s local traditional lyrics and Spanish listeners based sounds of seminal raw punks gone nuts protesting the environments and government policies just like the show-off for this bombarding demo tapes and full length compiling records entitled of De Vuelta a la Revuelta in such a bloody blasting suicidal bomber painting relates to the conditions of how the world today becoming too damn hostiles to mankind where peace means war are as expensive as struggling to end poverty as the population controls of the have-nots by the order of leading roles and the haves. Spain characters for freeing the city via Punk-Rock really suits even in the most uses for Spanish lyrics might always convincing us about the mosh-pit slams by following the protester listenable sounds brought to you by the band on Sangre Rentable, Cada Anochecer, Fuego! (Con Ivan de Golpe de Ajo) and Contra Toda Autoridad (Con Peib de Free City y Eliax de Debakle) are all shorter that you think but powerful to make a full scale riots on the midtown streets and stage ripping in play or tell those pigs to saw their head off before get caught by the militia of the black flag street-fighting men.

De Vuelta A La Revuelta: